Soriah with Chirgilchin
May 23, 2018 at 8:00 PM
Minors OK when accompanied by a parent or guardian
Doors open at 7:00

$25 Advance | $30 At the Door

Musician, shaman, international traveler and award-winning throat singer, Soriah is joined by his masters, straight outta Tuva, Chirgilchin, which includes musicians and throat singers of the highest order, including a female singer - a rarity in Tuvan music.
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Soriah | 8:00 PM
Soriah, which translates as "Pleiades" in Arabic, is the stage persona for the internationally recognized artist, Enrique Ugalde. Soriah’s craft is a blending of traditional Khöömei (Tuvan Throat Singing), tempered with Soriah’s own visceral force. Performances vary from being steeped in tradition and bound to its constructs to more experimental fascinations with electronic and acoustic accompaniments, and introducing Butoh and Ritual Performance Art. Soriah’s use of Khöömei as a transportive medium is an offering to nature in her own tongue, that of organic sound whether it be wind, water or the mimicry of animals.

Soriah takes an annual sabbatical to Tuva to study with various masters and to compete. The 2008 Fifth Quinquennial Ethnomusicology Symposium, “Khöömei: The Cultural Phenomenon of Central Asia”, has honored Enrique Ugalde, “Third Place”, the highest a non-native to Tuva has yet placed. The Üstüü-Khüree Festival awarded him “Best Foreigner” for their 2008 selection. The Tuvan National Kargyraa festival in 2014 he won 2nd place and in 2016 he was honored with the distinction of being "The Greatest Developer of Kargyraa". The rest of the year Soriah travels the globe with extended tours performing in various cities and enclaves of Japan, crooning in the cathedrals and ruins of Mexico, and intoning in ocean caves and amidst the swamplands of America. The artist has been invited to perform at society events such as The 2009 Peace Ball in Washington, D.C. for Obama’s inauguration, and by brigand artist elites, to sing at various installations of note at the Burning Man Festival and the All Souls Procession Festival in Tucson Arizona.

One becomes encased in an awe-laced ceremonial pallor while in attendance at a Soriah performance. A deep spiritualism imbues each piece performed, whether entirely traditional or exhibiting a fusion of music, movement and meditation that Soriah describes as Vocalized Ritual Drone. more >>>
Chirgilchin | 8:00 PM
Chirgilchin means both "mirage" and "miracle" in the Tuvan language. One of Tuva's leading throat-singing ensembles, Chirgilchin makes its long-awaited return to Portland and the Pacific North West with an evening of folk-rooted music and otherworldly singing. Chirgilchin members are recent champions of the Tuvan National throat-singing competition held in Tuva's capital, Kyzyl. They sing ancient folk songs in the Tuvan language and play their own handmade traditional instruments such as the doshpuluur, a two-stringed lute; igil, a two-stringed fiddle; and dungur, a rattle drum used by Tuvan shamans in their ceremonies.

"Throat-singing" is an extraordinary vocal form in which one singer produces two or more voices simultaneously, harmonizing one with another to create richly layered melodies which evoke central Asian steppes and nomadic life. This music is truly astonishing, magical, and beautiful. Atmospheric and mesmeric, it is almost too difficult to describe in words and must be heard to be believed the sounds are produced by resonating low sounds in the throat while harmonizing with middle and high flute-like overtones.
This ancient tradition is kept alive and kicking in just a few countries across Central Asia and south of Siberia. The highest developed forms of throat-singing come from Tuva and the members of Chirgilchin are some of the most celebrated and accomplished throat-singers in all of Tuva. more >>>