Umbrella Festival Friday Night - NEW VAUDEVILLE
Mar 31, 2017 at 8:00 PM
Minors OK when accompanied by a parent or guardian
Doors open at 7:00

$20 Advance
$30 at the Door
$40 Preferred Seating
$12 Youth (12 & under)

The New Vaudeville movement began just as the mystic adventurers of the 1960s landed on the shores of the freaky 1970s - a revival of the traveling entertainer lifestyle tinged with acid, politics, and postmodernism. A rich global culture of New Vaudevillians has arisen in the decades since, and we've set aside Friday night to show it off.

Performers include:
Electro-swing big band The High Step Society
Seattle's A Unicycle Built For Two
Vaudevillian entertainer Alex Bistrevsky
Aerialist Katie Herndon
Clown duo A Little Bit Off
Matthew Kerrigan of Shaking The Tree Theater
Song and dance man Alexander Mak
Italian physical comedian Stefano Iaboni
and Emcee Sean Dooley

Umbrellas graciously donated by ShedRain, Portland's quality umbrella manufacturer since 1947.
Nick & Wendy bring together the unicycle, acrobatics, and light-hearted romance with their act, A Unicycle Built for Two. Their personalities capture and thrill audiences as they flirt, flip and twirl. The Seattle Met called the act a “can’t-miss.” Time Out New York called them a “standout” act in Cirque Mechanics’ Pedal Punk show. Nick & Wendy met and married in Seattle, and together they have crafted their unique story on the unicycle. They have performed with companies including Cirque Mechanics, Flynn Creek Circus, and Zoppé Family Circus. more >>>
Alex Bistrevsky | 8:00 PM
Alex Bistrevsky is a Los Angeles based comedy performer & variety circus entertainer specializing in: Circus street performance, ambient roaming entertainment for live events, custom-tailored acts for stage shows, live performance for cabarets & festivals, theatrical & commercial character/circus performance for TV & Film. Alex made his debut as Charlie Chaplin in LA Opera’s production of “Pagliacci” and, in addition to being a solo performing artist; Alex performs with his brother, Dmitrious Bistrevsky in the comedy variety circus duo: “The Bistrevsky Brothers!” He is excited to be bringing a brand new Vaudevillian Hat & Cane Manipulation piece to The Umbrella Festival, a screwball of sophistication simply titled: “Cane du Hattitude!” more >>>
Co-founded by Amica Hunter and David Cantor, A Little Bit Off began as a theatrical collaboration between two acrobatic clowns dedicated to bringing wonder and laughter to the audiences of the world. Drawing inspiration from the old american vaudevillians, and work of French artist James Thierree, ALBO has grown to produce two fully developed shows with carefully selected themes, hilarious characters, intricate relationships, mind-boggling tricks, and a very quirky, off beat flavor. Their most recent work is a critically acclaimed full length physical comedy show called Beau & Aero featuring two bumbling, incompetent aviators. The show has won five awards, including one for Outstanding Physical Theater. ALBO has performed for audiences all over Europe and the United States, captivating audiences of all languages with their dialogue-free approach to story telling. more >>>
Katie Herndon | 8:00 PM
Katie Herndon grew up on a farm in central Washington and quickly discovered her love for heights and hanging upside down. After years of gymnastics she competed on the Acrobatics & Tumbling team for Azusa Pacific University. From there, her love of acrobatics led her to circus and aerial arts. After graduating with her degree in business, Katie moved back to the Pacific Northwest and began teaching and performing while furthering her circus skills through flying trapeze and trampoline. In 2015 she was given the opportunity to train with The Flying Aces as part of the Netherland’s National Circus. After a five-month immersion in the world of caravans, tents, and traditional circus, she once again returned to the beautiful city of Seattle, and has found an incredible environment in the SANCA community. She is now teaching tumbling and training acrobatics, trampoline, aerial silks, rope and flying trapeze. more >>>
When the honeyed tones of The Jazz Age meld with hottest beat drops of the new millennium, you get High Step Society’s elixir of American Electro Swing. Grandma remembers when she listened to jazz giants on the old Victrola. Grandkids feel the bass beats deep in their chest cavity. Merging dance music from our past with sounds for the future, High Step Society features a shimmering horn section that soars over syncopated high hats and rat-a-tat snare. The kids in the band are electronic music producers as well as educated jazz musicians. Audaciously sophisticated, High Step Society is rethinking jazz with unorthodox arrangements, and bringing a touch of elegance to modern electronic music.

The band is “at once groovy and raucously tight, High Step Society’s tunes growl to a Cotton Club vibe that plunges the depths of the EDM trench.” (Eugene Weekly, 10/8/15). They ”take it to the next level with live horn sections, sultry singers and energetic dance beats that capture the excitement of the jazz age and rocket launch it a century into the future.” (Eugene Weekly, 4/9/15) Their live shows are classy affairs where everyone is encouraged to dress their best, so the band and the crowd are looking top notch while the dance floor sizzles.
High Step Society’s first recording, “The Duke Suite” EP was released July 2015 for free download on their SoundCloud page. This is just the beginning for this hot new Electro Swing band who takes inspiration from the likes of Caravan Palace, Duke Ellington, and newer producers like G. Jones. Since their formation in 2015, they have been lighting up music festivals and packing dance halls across the Northwest. more >>>
Alexander Mak | 8:00 PM
Commedia dell'Arte, puppetry, music, clown, mask-making, stage, and screen acting, Alexander Makardish has indeed taken his talents & training in several directions

. Alex currently performs vaudeville at Buena Park’s Late-night Variety Cabaret, “Teatro Martini” & acts as Show Director for the sister show, “Cirque Magique.” Alex is obsessed in distinguishing the difference between collecting & hoarding. The past two years have been a purgatory of Psychedelic proportions… digging through houses & shacks; categorizing, organizing, and antagonizing any sign of clutter. His hands have touched heaps over heaps of garbage, but to his delight, he has re-purposed his journey into the zen of music. Enjoy some classic diddys performed by Alex & his Banjolele, Gretchen. Cheers & Applesauce. more >>>
The Ladder Dance is part of a recent production "We’re All Mad Here" devised by Samantha Van Der Merwe (director) and Matthew Kerrigan (performer) of Shaking the Tree Theatre in Portland.
"In essence, Shaking the Tree, artistic director Samantha Van Der Merwe and Kerrigan have arranged for us a magic mushroom trip—a journey through confusion to new lightness and childlike clarity. " ~A.L. Adams, Oregon Artswatch
Please check out Shaking The Tree’s next production, "Miss Julie" by August Strindberg, adapted by Craig Lucas, running May 5th-June 3rd. more >>>
Stefano Iaboni | 8:00 PM
Masterful Italian physical comedian Stefano Iaboni will perform his cutting edge silent comedy. Stefano tours the world with his clown duo The Beat Brothers. more >>>
Sean Dooley | 8:00 PM